I’m not a blogger

I’m not a blogger, I’m way too lazy

Ha ha, so damn true. I’m too lazy with writing blog posts all the time. I just love sharing photos on Instagram and sometimes (when I’m really bored) I write down some of my thoughts and share the latest recipes to help you guys with your diet.

I don’t really want to disappoint anybody but there are so many beautiful things happening around you and you would miss them while staring at your computer all the time!

Head up! Explore!

I’m starting a modeling career and I’m more than grateful for the beautiful things happening to me!

Hopefully I can open some doors for others or inspire people to go after their dreams! We all have the right to be happy and whatever you want to be, go and be it! That doesn’t mean that we’ll all make it but if you’ve never tried, you’ll never know!

My trip to NYC was the most amazing time in my life and it just felt like the start! I mean this city gives you a special feeling.

Just had the honor to get photographed by the one and only, Mark Seliger!

Mark and me after our shoot :)
Mark and me after our shoot :)Β Stay tuned for his upcoming project!

This guy is so down to earth and truly an inspiration to me. He made me feel comfortable in front of the same camera he photographed almost every celebrity with. It was a pleasure and I really hope to work with him again in the future!

Normally you go to the Empire State Building to visit the observation deck, right? But not this time! Paper Mag just invited me for an interview. Also an amazing experience!

I can’t get enough

BUZZFEED. Yap, damn right, fucking buzzfeeeeeeed πŸ€—

They got me a whole cover story! Interview plus photoshoot, there’s no need to describe!

I marked it in the first sentence, just check it out.

Currently in Thailand. Follow me on Instagram or snapchat πŸ˜‰





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get fit with Ben


|Find your own way|

The secret is to start!Β 

Even if you’re taking baby steps at the beginning, baby steps are also steps. Try to keep your mind positive and set a goal!

During a workout (and I mean a real badass workout that gets the last out of you), there comes the point where you’ll think about giving up. At this point, you really need to keep in mind why you’re doing this and where it’ll take you.

Many of you have asked for my workouts, especially something you can do at home. It’s not easy if you don’t have fitness equipment but I’ll show you a full body workout to get fit:



AMRAP 10 minutes

(as many rounds as possible)

10x Squats

6x Push up’s

4x V-up’s


You don’t need anything but yourself and perhaps a timer for this short workout and I bet it’ll kick your ass! 10 minutes without a break. Count your rounds, so you can improve yourself next time. I always train with good music because it keeps me motivated!

Try to get through those 10 minutes! It’s not important to be fast, just don’t give up!

FIND YOUR PACE – and breathe constantly!

I would love it if you’d leave me a comment after trying it and tell me if you liked it.


|healthy stuff|

For the pesto:

1 Avocado
ο‚·50 ml olive oil
30 g roasted cashew nuts
5 sun-dried tomatoes
1/2 squeezed lemon
3 branches basil
3 branches parsley
salt / pepper

Enjoy those healthy meals and feel free to tell me what you’d like to read about next time!



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Crazy times


Crazy two weeks behind me


Omg people out there, I’m almost speechless and to those who know me, that doesn’t happen quite often.

It’s never been so clear to me, that the way I’m going is the absolute right one!

The last time I wrote a blog post is nearly 2 weeks ago because I was so busy with interviews and tv teams. Feels like I’m getting closer to my dream, working I front of the camera and using my publicity to give this community a face and educate as best as I can.

I’m trying to show that we’re all humans. We had no choice! We’re locked in a room and there’s only one door to get out of it.

Over 1 mio. clicks on NowThis <- click here if you haven’t seen the video that’s so hard discussed 😜 #idontgiveashit

I received a lot of messages asking about my surgeons.

Top surgery:

Dr. Abdul Yousef from Recklinghausen (Germany)

Bottom surgery:

Dr. Bernhard Liedl from Munich


Hope this helps a bit πŸ˜‰

Fast (healthy) Food

As I told you I had not much time the last days so I made some good fast food. Here’s some inspiration for you guys, enjoy!

Workout plans coming soon, I’m already working on some videos for YouTube πŸ’ͺ🏼



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Healthy lifestyle comeback

After one week cheating on everything I’ve told you, I’m finally back!

Started to cook and eat healthy yesterday. Fuck I really missed it! I must confess it was good for my mind to eat without thinking that much about it, but after a few days I felt swollen and fat πŸ˜…

I know I’m not but its crazy what junk foodΒ is doing to us. You can see it on your skin! It’s true! You are what you eat!


Paleo eating

Well, the exception proves the rule!

Means, most of the time I’m eating paleo but I need my oats in the morning and I can’t renounce a little bit of milk in my coffee! 😜

Here’s something I cooked yesterday:

Piece of sirloin, about 250 g.

I always roast it in a pan, 2-3 minutes each side and then put it into the oven for another 5 minutes (100 degrees Celsius )

Selfmade sauce of figs

I cut 2-3 fresh figs in small pieces and mixed them with a little fresh pressed lemon juice.

Put one small shallot and your figs mix into the pan you roasted your sirloin with.

Roast everything a little then fill it up with about 80 ml water.

Salt / pepper and a bit honey πŸ˜‰

Soooooooo tasty!!!

Young fresh spinach with garlic

Put a bit olive oil into a Wok with fresh pressed lemon juice and garlic.

Then the spinach! Takes about 3-5 minutes, ready!


First workout after the final

Had my first Crossfit workout after the Men’s Health final and it was pretty hard because of the cheat week but on the other side it felt so damn good! I could feel how I burned the calories!

A lot of you asked for workout plans and videos, so stay tuned, I’m already working on something!

What would you like to read and see? Chest workout?

Leave a comment ☺️πŸ’ͺ🏼


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Men’s Health Final 2016


Men’s Health Covermodel Contest, Saturday Jan 16th

What an amazing experience! I arrived in Hamburg on Friday Jan 15th. It was my „you’re not allowed to drink a fucking bit „day, so you can imagine how I felt. Till 5 pm, it was absolutely easy but after eating my second meal, it started to get really tough.

At 7 pm I ordered sushi and right after I couldn’t take it anymore so I had about 4 cl water. I know, ridiculous, but it was my highlight on that day πŸ˜…

After a horrible night, I still felt sick of my potassium attack the day before, the alarm clock rang at 6 am.

7:30 am, I met the German TV team in front of the Studio. An exciting day was about to start and the camera was with me all the time! There was no space for just taking a seat and eat something.

Someone always wanted something and it was more than exhausting BUT one of the best days in my life!

At 8:45 pm a day with lots of impressions, beautiful people and magic atmosphere, came to an end!

Hard work finally pays off!

Even when I’m not on the main cover, I’ll be on the collectors edition cover with four awesome guys!

Plus, I’m getting a feature in both editions and an online interview πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

I’m so proud and it’s been an honor to be part of this! #thankful



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Carb invasion

Processed with VSCOcam with b3 preset

Hello world

Today was my first day I was allowed to eat carbs 3 times a day.

Started with my selfmade muesli which is made of nuts plus extra oats (about 80g) , honey, cinnamon, cranberries and almond milk! So tasty but I wasn’t able to finish because my stomach acted a little weird πŸ˜…

Also had a coffee and a whey protein shake with water + 4 pills of potassium.

It’s a typical bodybuilding preparation.

9:30 am – swimming

Same like yesterday, just a little easy swimming for about 40 minutes and relaxing in the whirlpool with my MP3 player which was great because I was nearly alone.

Back home I just had about 250 ml water and a rice cake with plain chocolate.

Only 2 – 3 liters water today! Way better and much easier than drinking 6 – 7 liters a day πŸ˜†

13:30 pm – cooking meal No. 1

Rice with chicken breast and roasted pineapple
Rice with chicken breast and roasted pineapple

Whilst I was cooking I had to take another 4 pills of potassium. 3 – 5 minutes later, my stomach started to hurt as fuck. I was almost collapsing and had problems to breathe. Looked like a zombie.

So crazy! There was no other choice than sticking my finger into my throat to make me throw up. Once I did it, 5 minutes later, I felt so much better.

18:30 pm – meal No. 2
Paleo Burger with sweet potatoe wedges
Paleo Burger with sweet potatoe wedges

Selfmade paleo burger, made of Tatar. I used roasted pineapple instead of bread and a topping of sauerkraut!

Side dish: selfmade sweet potatoe wedges


Alright guys, I’m not sure if I’ll post something tomorrow because I’ll already be in Hamburg for the big Men’s Health final which is on Saturday!

Make sure to follow me on snapchat because we’re allowed to take you guys with us.

I’ll snap as much as possible, promise!




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Last day – no carb

About 4 1/2 years between these two pics

Can’t wait for tomorrow

Today’s my last no carb day and I already bought the groceries for tomorrow. Sweet potatoes, rice, fruits, CAAAAAAARBS πŸ˜‹

First of all I wanna share something I did last evening with you.

I call it „ZUSHI“

You should try to make your own Zushi. You can also fill it with chicken!

8 am this morning

Just drank my coffee and a protein shake.

| 9 am – swimming |

Charged my waterproof MP3 player, put on my trunks and did about 45 minutes easy swimming. Right after, a little bit chilling with Nicki Minaj in my ears, sitting in the warm whirlpool! That was an absolutely amazing and relaxing start for this day!

I was very hungry when I came back home so I made a tomato/avocado/onion – salad and scrambled eggs (x3)

Still drinking 6 – 7 liters with my one hour timer reminding me! 500ml per hour!

Horrible but it’s also the last day πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

2:30 pm – 150g chicken breast and mixed veggies!


Thought a lot about how far I’ve come and the process with Crossfit, so I decided to share a picture with you! It’s not the best quality but I will use it as my main picture for this blog post!

About 4 1/2 years between the left and the right picture. It’s funny, because it seems like the left picture is before my top surgery but it isn’t! It’s one year after my surgery! πŸ˜‚

So you see what working out and eating healthy can do!

About 4 1/2 years between these two pics
About 4 1/2 years between these two pics

Some of you asked for a bit more fashion and style in my blog. I promise I’ll do it after the Men’s Health final. I love fashion. I’m so addicted to it! Bought some brand new Yeezy Boost 350 Turtle Dove today :)

Will post within the next days, ok?! A few style inspirations for you!


Alright, last meal for today will be roasted chicken breast and fried grated celery!

Enjoy and good night ✌🏼️

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2nd day – No carb


No carb isn’t as easy as I thought it was. You start your day and don’t know what to eat.

I don’t wanna eat eggs every morning but oats are not allowed, fruits are not allowed and of course bread is not allowed, so I ended up eating two eggs sunny side up and a small cucumber.

Tomorrow will be my last no carb day, can’t wait for Thursday, where I have to eat carbs 3 times a day :)



10 am – Crossfit

Was my last intense workout before the big Men’s Health final which will be on Jan 16th.

That really takes it out of you!

I felt so weak and dizzy after the training. My body and my mind want some carbs and sweets πŸ˜…

Its so weird because normally I prefer salty stuff but just now, when I’m not allowed, I really really REALLY want to eat chocolate πŸ˜‚

Back home I had a protein shake and about 150 g chicken breast with mixed vegetables.

Wanted to take a power nap but my dog paco was already standing in front of the door, looking at me like he wanted to say: „Come on, I wanna play.“

Went out for a long walk in a forest nearby.

It’s important to eat a lot of protein now so I decided to cook something aaaaaand I made photos for you :)

I always roast my piece of tenderloin 3 minutes each site, then put it into the oven (100 degrees) for another 3-4 minutes πŸ˜‹

Soooo delicious!


Done for today. Now it’s just me, my couch, a coffee and a horror movie.

Has anybody watched „The Gallows“?

Good evening to y’all


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Hot phase started


6 days left

Today’s Monday and I just started the hot phase which means „no carb“ till Thursday and still drinking 6 – 7 liters.

Started my day with a protein shake. Just the powder with water, no oats!

After that I had the same omelette like yesterday.

I need to eat a bit more protein now because I don’t want to lose my muscles but that’s not so easy because I also have to work.

Now it’s 1:20 pm and I’m back home for lunch.

Selfmade chicken nuggets with zucchini sticks, you should try that!

You need:

Chicken breast filet


Coconut flakes

Rapeseed oil

Salt / Pepper

Mix the rapeseed oil with the coconut flakes and put a little salt and pepper in it.

Now coatΒ your chicken with it.

Roast them in a pan till they get gold brown, then put them into your oven.

180 degrees (C)

I cooked the zucchini just with a bit water, salt and pepper πŸ˜‰



Seems like everybody has good intentions for 2016 so the gym was damn full. It always makes you a bit more creative πŸ˜…

I did different push up’s, hanging leg raises, Russian twists and a few mountain climbers.

All very fast and focused without long breaks.

At the end about 20 minutes cardio!

Back home now, eating my chicken nuggets again but this time with broccoli πŸ˜‹


Have a great evening


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Must have


| Swim Gadgets |

That’s a waterproof MP3 player from Sony.

Literally one of the best decisions in my life 😜

Feels like you’re completely alone because all noises around you are gone.



I prefer Hip Hop, what about you?




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